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State-of-the-art T-Sport Wrap provides cool comfort, maximum compression and slip-free support for your at-risk horse’s legs. A unique combination of open-celled, non-latex foam and high-quality fabrics first developed for certified athletic trainers, physical therapists and sports MDs. 

Simply rinse product in warm water after use and lay flat, foam side up, to dry.

Available in black and white



  • Pre-cut tape for packing hooves
  • Saves the hassle of cutting strips of duct tape
  • Heavy duty adhesive
  • Anatomically shaped Pack N Stick Hoof Tape helps ensure correct placement of tape, so as not to irritate the sensitive area above the hoof.
  • Sizing: One size
  • Available in Black

Say goodbye to that annoying roll of duct tape. New Pack N Stick HoofTape eliminates the hassle of cutting, assembling, and applying duct tape to packed hooves. Pre-cut and anatomically shaped, HoofTape features a high grade adhesive that provides a secure grip, even when worn overnight. The hoof can be packed and/or medicated as normal. One size fits all. Intended for one single use per pair. $4.95

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