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Tis the season for giving, receiving and giving again! 


At Ride Every Stride Inc, we are committed to giving back to the community in any way we can, so this year we have partnered with three equally important organizations as part of our Holiday Campaign.


Barn Cat Co-op is a not for profit organization based in the Durham region of Ontario and assists in rehoming colonies of feral cats to find safe shelters and homes for them.  Many of the cats and kittens they save are placed in warm, loving indoor homes and for those cats that prefer a working career, they are often found loving Barns where they assist in the inevitable control of mouse populations.


Save Our Scruff located in the Toronto, Canada area is dedicated to providing care and rehabilitation for stray, abandoned or displaced dogs. They strive to position themselves as a leader on matters that promote and improve the welfare of dogs through enhancement, protection, care, education and advocacy.


Finally, Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue is owned and operated by Brenda Thompson and her husband where they have dedicated their lives to helping horses in need.  They, with the help of volunteers, completely rehabilitate the horses they take in from undesirable situations, often of neglect and assist enforcement agencies with removal and surrenders of unwanted horses that can no longer be cared for.


These three organizations work tirelessly to help our furry friends in need and have shared stories from Mr. Whiskers, Mr. T and Buddy, for you to consider.


With every $100 Gift Card Purchase from Dec 2, 2019 to Dec 26, 2019, Ride Every Stride will donate an additional $15.00 to the animal of your choice from these organizations.  Simply select which animal you would like to support when making your purchase.  With your gift card, which we will mail to you, you will also receive a thank you from the animal that you select which makes a great regift and stocking stuffer!   You are also welcome to make an additional donation to one of these three animals, which we will send directly to them on your behalf.


Thank you for helping Ride Every Stride Inc with this years Holiday Campaign and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


For every $100 Gift Certificate sold we will donate $15 to an animal of your choice.

(Please note: a donation tax receipt will not be issued).


Hi There my name is Mr. T and its nice to meet you. I come from Mexico and am so happy to have met my friends at Save Our Scruff who helped me find my way here, to this beautiful country you call Canada. Not very long ago I was staying at a place in Mexico that offered me food and shelter, but I had this terrible itch on my skin that just wouldn’t go away. My fur fell out, it was always sore, but I just couldn’t stop itching it enough for it to heal. I stayed here for awhile but was super scared all the time and I didn’t like the food, so I didn’t eat it all the time like they wanted me too.


My new friends came to visit me here and decided that it might be better to change my environment

and get me some special care for my itch... well boy were they right! They sent me to stay at a place where they had special Dr’s to take care of me. It was amazing and my itches started to go away. They

gave me baths all the time and taught me how to snuggle too!


Today, I have no itches anymore and my fur is growing back! I love my bath massages and this new special food that they give me is the yummiest I have ever tasted! The best part is... now I get it all the time!

Here’s the part that maybe you can help with. I overheard my new people talking about my special needs and how much it all cost. They said that I will get to eat this delicious, but expensive food for my whole life now but it would be a financial commitment forever. I am hoping that you might consider choosing to be the animal that you help through Ride Every Stride’s Holiday Campaign so my people can continue to help me and all my friends at Save Our Scruff


Thank you for listening to my story, oh and PS...I’m looking for a forever home too!



Mr. T

Mr. Whiskers

Rescue: Barn Cat Co-op

Key Contact: Kelli Greer

Hi, my name is Mr. Whiskers and I am so thankful for my person, Kelli. 


Before 2015, I had a very big family and was living outside with all of them


It wasn’t always easy living with my whole family.  We had to find our own food and shelter every day and during the winter, it got really cold.  Sometimes there were other animals that came around that weren’t very friendly as well.


When I first met Kelli, I was really scared.  I was having trouble eating and I hurt a lot too.


It turns out that I had a severe mouth infection and some scrapes, cuts and broken bones from one of those unfriendly animals I mentioned before.   


Kelli took me to this place where I went to sleep, and when I woke up, 11 of my teeth were missing! I was like, what the heck people?  How do you expect me to eat now!?!  The best part was though, they didn’t hurt me anymore.  She took care of those scrapes and cuts too.  They eventually got better so they don’t hurt anymore either.


Today, I live on a lot of medication and most of the time, Kelli and her helpers have to help me with this tube thing when I want to eat.  I can’t really walk straight all the time, but I try, and I definitely can’t jump anymore.  As for baths, my people need to help me with those too, so I get a lot of spa treatments whether I like them or not.


Now I get to spend my days viewing the world from the inside.  I really like lying on the windowsill, basking in the sun.  I love my Kelli and trust her with my life, after all, she Is the one that saves it everyday!  I try my best to follow her around the house to show her how thankful I am and when night comes, she carries me upstairs to the big bed where I can fall asleep safe and warm.


I am trying my best to give Kelli a really nice present for the Holidays this year for everything she has done for me.  As you can see from my story, I have had a pretty hard life up until now, and I require a lot of constant care and ongoing medication. This is the part that hopefully you can help with.  My medication and care I know is super expensive and Kelli has so many of my furry friends to take care of at Barn Cat Co-op.  I am hoping that you might consider helping me with a small donation either with a purchase through my friends at Ride Every Stride Inc, or with a direct donation to Barn Cat Co-op.  Any little bit will help, and I so appreciate the consideration.


Thanks so much for taking the time to hear my story and I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!


Furever Furry,


Mr. Whiskers


Well hello there,


I’m Buddy, and I hope you had a chance to see my friend Lucky as well.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I didn’t have the greatest start in life, but I’m thrilled to still be here with the help of my friends Lucky and everyone at Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue.


Before I met Brenda from Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue, I was literally starving…all the time! They told me I had some creepy crawlies in my belly and I had lots of cuts on my skin. I can’t see that well either, well let’s be honest, not at all, so my friend Lucky really helped me get around.


I was living in a place where I didn’t have any food or water, I was tired and just hurt all the time. 


Around April of 2019, I knew something was happening, but I wasn’t really sure what.  Lucky reassured me but it was super scary.  We had to get on this moving van and weren’t really sure where we would end up.  I am happy to say that it was somewhere safe and warm that had lots of food!  Now that I have settled into my new home, I follow Brenda around because I know her voice and I have lots of friends here, but Lucky is still my bestest one.  I have bonded with everyone here and Brenda says that even though its sometimes hard…I have found my forever home.


If you can, please consider helping me give back to my friends at Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue.  I continue to need special care on a regular basis and my Mom says that I eat a lot of food.  I wonder why?!?!


Thanks so much for your time and I hope that you have a safe and happy winter.


Keep smiling!




Holiday Campaign

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