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PC: Ogilvy Equestrian

Founded in 2008, Ogilvy Equestrian specializes in creating equestrian products, and notably, the design of high-end, technical saddle pads. Located in Quebec Canada, Ogilvy has become a household name for the equestrian community and has been embraced by top-level and amateur riders alike. Gaining global recognition for their innovative design, comfort, and style, we are thrilled to introduce you to Ogilvy Equestrian.

Saddle Pads - Vibrant, trendy, edgy, innovative, and creative are just a few words that we would choose to describe Ogilvy's most notable equestrian product, the saddle pad. Having years of firsthand equestrian knowledge combined with maintaining an open ear for imperative feedback from horsemen and women, lead the Ogilvy design and development team in their creations.

Pairing proprietary technologies with original, custom creations brings the classic saddle pad to new levels. Their intention is and has always been to design a product that keeps your horses’ comfort and performance top-of-mind. Each saddle pad is crafted to eliminate the rubbing and pressure points caused by the saddle, while keeping you on trend every time you ride.

Whether you ride for competition or ride for pleasure, Ogilvy Equestrian saddle pads are fit for you. With their unique friction free system, perfect top line equilibrium, specific memory foam, and use of a different kind of quilting, you won’t be disappointed with the comfort added for you and your horse.

Ogilvy Equestrian uses a traditional classy poly-cotton twill that is easily washable. The quilted pads are filled with hollow core fibers to add density and durability. 

Designed for the horse, each pad incorporates Ogilvy's famous top line design.  The top line design of each saddle pad stabilizes the centre of gravity which restricts any pad movement under the saddle. The gap created at the withers and the overall angle of each pad prevent any excessive rubbing and uncomfortable pressure for the horse.

Incorporating Ogilvy's proprietary design into the development of their memory foam pads resulted in a unique pad unparalleled by any for comfort, durability, and design. This top-of-the-line memory foam can be manipulated to 1/8 of an inch thick so that your saddle can truly remain close contact in every sense of the term. 

When you couple all of Ogilvy's amazing designs and technology, the resulting saddle pad is the number one product of its kind on the market (in our opinion of course).

In an effort to eliminate friction and discomfort for a horse all together, Ogilvy has developed their saddle pads to handle friction by transferring it to the interior of the pad and away from your horse. By incorporating a dynamic disposition of material layers within the pad itself creates and environment which allows these layers to slide against each other and thus creates movement transfer to the interior of the pad.

Ogilvy uses no rubber, latex, or any other potential allergens or irritants that might be harmful for your horse as well.

At Ride Every Stride Inc., we are lucky to have the privilege of working hand in hand with the team at Ogilvy Equestrian. Whether you are customizing products with your barn colors for horse shows or simply gifting a saddle pad for a first pony, Ogilvy and Ride Every Stride can make your dreams come true. 

We are excited to continue to bring you the best and latest trends in saddle pads and have Ogilvy to thank for that. We hope you will give them a try and see for yourself. For more information on customization or to discuss high quantity ordering options, email or click here to contact us. For all the other stuff and more, check out our website at

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