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  1. Sale prices valid December 26-29, 2020.

  2. Sale prices on in stock merchandise are valid while supplies last and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Items must be paid for immediately.

  3. Prices DO NOT include shipping. If you would like a shipping quote please email or

  4. Prices DO NOT include embroidery. Embroidery can be added for a minimal fee.

  5. All sales on in-stock blankets and accessories are FINAL SALE. 

  6. Please note, we will do our best to update the site for all of the sold items as quickly as possible



Regular $159.99

50% off

NOW ONLY $79.99


1. Stable Sheet 68 (black base, black trim, light blue pipe)

2. Stable Sheet 78 (navy base, light grey trim, white pipe) 

3. Stable Sheet 78 (black base, black trim, red pipe) 

4. Stable Sheet 78 (black base, dark grey trim, white pipe) 


Platinum Scrim
Premium Scrim

Premium Scrim

Regular $199.99

50% off

NOW ONLY $99.99

1. Premium scrim 80 (brown base, light tan trim, burgundy piping

2. Premium scrim  80 (hunter green base, hunter green trim, white pipe)

3. Premium scrim 66 (navy base, navy trim, yellow pipe)

4. Premium scrim 80 (navy base, grey trim, double piping blue & white)

5. Premium scrim 80 (black base, green trim, white pipe)

Hampton Cool Mesh Scrim

(1) Light grey base, navy trim white piping Size 80 qty 5 Regular $159.99 50% off now $79.99

50% off!!


Classic Key Hole Quarter Sheet
Luxe Quarter Sheet
Euro Key Hole Quarter Sheet

Quarter Sheets

Regular 159.99

50% off

NOW ONLY $79.99 unless marked otherwise

1. Euro key hole quarter sheet (black base, black trim, red piping) size large

2. Euro key hole quarter sheet (black base, black trim, purple piping) size medium

3. Euro key hole quarter sheet (grey base, black trim, white piping) size medium

4. Euro key hole quarter sheet (black base, black trim, white piping) size large

5. Euro key hole quarter sheet (black base, royal blue trim, white piping) size medium

6. Classic key hole quarter sheet (navy base, light grey trim, red piping) size medium $50

7. Classic key hole quarter sheet (navy base, light grey trim, red piping) size medium $50

8. Classic key hole quarter sheet (black base, dark grey trim, teal and white piping) size medium $50 


1.) Luxe Wool Quarter Sheet - Black base, brown trim, taupe piping size med Regular $199.99 50% off $99.99 SOLD

Quarter sheet size ranges:

Size: Small (approximate blanket size 60-66), Medium (approximate blanket size 66-78), Large (approximate blanket size 78-81), XL (approximate blanket size 81-86).

Please note, the size ranges provided are just estimates. Fit will vary based on style of quarter sheet and shape of horse/pony. If you would like a custom fit quarter sheet email 


Regular $279.99

50% OFF

NOW ONLY $139.99

1. Cooler 78 (green base, green trim, white pipe)

2. Cooler 80 (grey base, black trim, red pipe)



Regular $79.99

50% OFF

NOW ONLY $40.00

1. Cordura Stall Guard (black base, black trim, lime green piping)

2. Cordura Stall Guards (black base, tan trim, white pipe) 

3. Cordura Stall Guards (black base, tan trim, white pipe)

4. Cordura Stall Guards (navy base, black trim, metallic silver pipe) 


Regular $59.99

50% OFF

NOW ONLY $29.99

1. Storage Bag -(black base, dark grey trim, white pipe) 

2. Storage Bag (light grey base, navy trim, white pipe) 

3. Storage Bag (navy base, red trim, white pipe)

4. Storage Bag (navy base, orange trim, white pipe)  


5. Storage Bag (light grey base, yellow trim, dark grey pipe) SOLD

6. Storage Bag (black base, dark grey trim, tan pipe)) 

Large Mesh Storage Bags:


  1. Storage Bag (navy base, red trim, white pipe)



Regular $49.99

60% OFF

NOW ONLY $19.99

Old Model Classic Bandge Loop (slightly smaller):


1. Cordura Bandage Loop (navy base, orange trim, white pipe)

2. Cordura Bandage Loop (navy base, navy trim, light blue pipe)

3. Cordura Bandage Loop (grey base, yellow trim, dark grey piping)

Regular $49.99

50% OFF

NOW $24.99

New Model Classic Bandage Loop all in Cordura Material:

1. Bandage Loop - (black base, black trim, silver pipe) 

2. Bandage Loop (navy base, orange trim, white pipe)

3. Bandage Loop (black base, black trim, metallic gold pipe)

4. Bandage Loop (navy base, navy trim, white pipe)

5. Bandage Loop (navy base, royal blue trim, white pipe)

6. Bandage Loop (navy base, turquoise trim, white pipe) 

7. Bandage Loop (navy base, red trim, white pipe)

8. Bandage Loop (navy base, brown trim, white pipe)

9.Bandage Loop -(navy base, tan trim, white pipe)

10. Bandage Loop (black base, black trim, purple pipe) SOLD

11. Bandage Loop (burgundy base, dark grey trim, white pipe)



Sample Special $179.99

60% OFF

NOW ONLY $71.99 - SOLD

only 1 available!

50 gallon Stanley - black base, turquoise trim white piping with a zipper.



Green $29.99

65% OFF

NOW ONLY $10.49

after an additional 10% off!!

Limited stock available

Want to embroider your order?

1. Small name under 5,000 stitches (approx. 1" height/10 characters) $15


2. Basic name on the back of a blanket (approx. 1-2" height) $18

3. Basic name on the barrel of a blanket (approx. 2") $20


3.  Basic name on a bandage loop, stall guard  (approx. 1-1/4") $15

Turnaround time will be based on the order. Ask one of our RES Team Members!

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