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We specialize in promotional products for both equestrian businesses and corporate clients of all sizes.

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At Ride Every Stride Inc. we strive to make our products and services all about YOU! We know how important our horses are to us. We have put together a vast selection of products in all price ranges that can be easily customized. We also offer the option to mix and match all of our grooming products to make the perfect kit for you.

All of our brushes come with unlimited engraving and we do not charge setup fees. 

Premiere Brush Set

This premium brush set provides you with a solid package to groom your horse to a pristine shine! The set includes a 6 1/4 " dandy brush with a Union Fiber Center and Tampico border, a natural fiber body brush with a convenient handle, and a natural fiber face brush.


Personalize the set to exactly what you need, substitute the face brush for a mane and tail brush.



Black Bristle Deluxe Brush Set 

Three natural fiber brushes; a dandy brush, a finishing brush, and a face brush. This is a fantastic set to bring to the show. With densely packed, all-natural hair bristles embedded into a natural solid wood block.


These bristles have a natural pointed tip, making them ideal for a deep-clean brushing for your horse's coat without causing discomfort.


All of our brushes come with unlimited custom engraving; any logo, any font!



Deluxe Brush Set Black Bristles
Inspirational Brushes

Who doesn't love a little motivation! Add your favourite quote or saying to grooming brushes. Whether you would like one brush or would like to put together a whole set we will work with you.

Inspirational brushes have been a hit for gifts for that special equestrian!


Starting at $8.99

Poly Fiber Grooming Brush

Poly fiber brushes are a great every day addition to your grooming kit. They are also an economical product that can be branded to promote your barn, business, or equestrian event.


Dandy $15.99

Body $15.99

Hoof Brush $9.99

Face Brush $9.99


Complete Set $42.99


Colours: purple, blue, green 

(based on stock availability and may be mixed)

Goat Hair Face Brush

Protect your horses delicate face and eye area by using this soft goat hair face brush. Customize it with your name, monogram or barn/business logo!



Premium Goat Hair Face Brush

This imported very soft goat hair face brush is another great choice for your grooming kit. The dense, soft bristles will suit even the jumpiest horses. Price includes unlimited engraving.



This soft-bristled goat hair body brush is a "must have" for your grooming kit! It's perfect for brushing off any last bit of dirt and debris on your horse and leaves a beautiful shine. Comes with a black synthetic hand strap.



Large Body Brush
Large Premium Goat Hair Body Brush

This large goat hair body brush comes with a leather strap. The goat hair bristles naturally increase hair's shine leaving your horse with a deep luxurious shine.

Both the brush itself and the leather strap can be customized with your name, logo, or monogram. This engraved brush is a fantastic idea for horse show prizes!



Mane & Tail Brush

This is a great brush for detangling the mane and tail! Gentle on your horse but tough enough to get out stubborn tangles.


Price includes unlimited engraving.



Premium Mane & Tail Brush

This hardwood paddle brush is another great brush for detangling the mane and tail without damaging hair.




Large Poly Fiber Dandy Brush

The large poly fiber brushes are a great every day addition to your grooming kit. They are also an economical product that can be branded to promote your barn, business, or equestrian event.


Available in black, royal blue, and red



Bucket/Hoof Brush

This versatile brush is a great addition to your barn. It can be used as a bucket scrubber and conveniently hung by any wash stall. It can also be used as a hoof brush to remove stubborn mud and to keep your horse's hoofs clean.


Add your custom logo or barn name to personalize it!



Please contact us to place an order.

All of our brushes come with unlimited engraving. We have provided a list of some of our more popular fonts below as well as some images for your consideration. If you would like your own logo added, please email a copy to