Ride Every Stride Inc. is a leading provider of quality custom equestrian products; team apparel, coolers, scrims, saddle pads, trunk covers, stable curtains, engraved grooming products and horse show awards.
We specialize in promotional products for both equestrian businesses and corporate clients of all sizes.

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Wood Handle Mane Comb

Add this custom engraved mane comb to your grooming package.


Wood Handle Hoof Pick

Complete your grooming kit with this custom engraved hoof pick.


These make fantastic horse show prizes!



Wood Handle Shedding Blade

The ultimate grooming tool!


Quickly shed loose hair, dirt and dander without irritation; comfortable wood handle for easy grip. 

Available in 5" and 10". Add your name or logo to complete the look.

5" $15.99

10" $17.99

Your grooming kit would not be complete without a set of custom engraved scissors.



Custom Engraved Scissors
Custom Metal Curry Comb

This metal curry comb is a great addition to your grooming kit that will get daily use. Long lasting and easy to clean.

This curry comb is an oval shape, made of a solid metal construction, and comes with a woven hand strap



This wooden grooming box is a great way to organize all of your products at home or at the show.


Hand made in Canada from solid pine and stained with a premium walnut stain or a stain of your choice. This grooming box can be easily customized with an engraved plate.


These grooming boxes also make excellent horse show prizes.



Stay organized with this versatile grooming box. Light weight and compact enough to carry all the essentials but won't weigh you down. 


This grooming box can be easily customized directly on the box with your name, logo, or even your favourite quote.



Wood Grooming Box

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