Ride Every Stride Inc. is pleased to offer a variety of quality products for your stable or horse show set up. Dress up your barn and travel to competitions in style. Present a professional and consistent look for your business with custom stall curtains, valances, name banners, tack trunk covers, and bandage loops. All of our materials and products are selected for their superior craftsmanship, unparalleled functionality, and style. 


The Order Process

(1) Once you have determined what  you would like to order, choose your base colour, piping, and trim colour. 

(2) Email and provide us the details. Don't know where to start? Email our team and one of our designers will help you put together the perfect set-up.

(3) Once we receive the information, you will be provided a mock-up to ensure we have captured exactly what you want. At Ride Every Stride Inc. we love working one-on-one with our clients to create the perfect product that you will be proud to use for years to come.

(4) When the proof is approved, you leave the rest to us! How long will it take? That depends on the quantity and design. When we finalize your order, you will be provided with the estimated delivery date.

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Stable Drapes

Custom stall drapes offer an attractive, professional presence that enhances your stable's image at a horse show or trade shows. They also provide some measure of privacy for your tack and grooming stalls, and a sense of calm for your horses while at the show. A set of custom stall drapes embroidered with your name or logo represents an investment in branding.

A stall drape system is made up of panels that cover the exterior walls and doors of horse stalls, valances that add a polished look to the top of the panels and a name banner. Valances can be finished in a straight line or rounded edge. 

Our drapes are typically just under 7'5" in length, and come in various widths including 5', 10', and 12'. The width you require depends upon the stall configurations of the shows that you frequent. All of our product sizes can be fully customized.

Most people use heavy-duty staples to hang stall drapes on wooden stalls. However, stall drape panels can be fitted with grommets that are used for securing stall drapes with pull ties as well as velcro.

If you would like to order, please email us at

Euro Wall Panels & FEI Panels

Our Euro Wall & FEI Panel is a single panel designed to be hung outside your horses stable at home or while away competing. It provides valuable protection from the elements and peace and privacy for your horse during busy periods.

The panel and valance are attached and finished with velcro along the top to make set-up and take down easy. Grommets can also be added on the sides or bottom corners. Our stable drapes are fully customizable and look amazing when teamed with the other Ride Every Stride Inc. stable accessories. 


Show off your business and sponsor logos on these beautiful drapes.


A valance is mounted at the top of your draped area. Think of them as your main signage. You can add your name, logo, or location to market your successful business.


We offer two choices of material: Cordura which is durable and repels water as well as Sunbrella® material. Optional eyelets or velcro may be added for easy hanging. 

Our banners are typically 10 or 12 feet in length.

All of our product sizes can be fully customized.

Name Banner

Add a custom name banner to your stable set up!


We offer two choices of material: Cordura which is durable and repels water and a Sunbrella® durable and fade resistant marine grade canvas.

Our banners are double faced for a cleaner look.

All of our product sizes can be fully customized.


Posts not included.

Sponsor Panel

Our hanging panels are a great way to showcase your sponsors. They can be easily hung and attached under your banner or valance.

Choose your base colour, piping, and trim. 

Available in both a Cordura or Sunbrella® material.

Stall Head Bumper

Protect your horses head while travelling and at shows.

Our stall head bumpers are designed to fit above the stall door in temporary stabling. 

Five durable loop closures to ensure a secure fit and make it easy to put up and take down. Padded to offer protection from impact.

Available in a variety of colors to match your stable set up. Add a logo for customization.

Door Panel

Our Stall Front Door Panel's are a great way to dress up your horse's stall both at home and at the show. 

Our door panels have a hidden pocket in back into which a wooden dowel may be inserted for hanging over the doorway.


Choose your base colour, piping, and trim. Add your barn name or logo to complete the  look. 

Available in both a Cordura or Sunbrella® material.

Staying organized at home or the show is half the battle. Our custom bandage loops will help you accomplish this.

The Clasic Bandage Loops comes with silver d-rings in each corner for fastening. We offer both a Cordura and Sunbrella® material. Available in a variety of color combinations, with or without embroidery. Our regular price comes with your choice of base colour. piping, and trim. Double piping is an option.

Cordura $49.99

Sunbrella® $64.99

Color Options

Classic Bandage Loop

Add embroidery of a name to your Classic Bandage Loop for only $18

Stay organized with our premium Sunbrella® bandage sling. Slightly larger that our Classic Bandage Loop, it comes with eyelets on either corner for hanging.


Price includes your choice of base colour, piping, and trim. Customize by choosing your barn colour and adding your logo!

Cordura $59.99

Sunbrella® $79.99

Color Options

Add embroidery of a name to your Premium Bandage Loop for only $18

Premium Bandage Sling

Mesh Storage Bag

Our multi-use mesh storage bags are great for organizing your barn and can also be easily packed up and taken to the show. Made from a durable mesh material allows for your items to breath, a fantastic way to dry your turn out boots!


Comes with silver D-rings in each corner for fastening. Choose your base color, piping and trim. Price includes embroidery of a basic name (some restrictions apply).

Base Color: black, grey, navy


Everyday Bag

Our Everyday bags are great for organizing your barn and can also be easily packed up and taken to the show. Perfect for storing your brushes and other valuable necessities.


Made from a durable material; available in Cordura or Sunbrella® material.


Comes with velcro loops along the back for fastening. Choose your base color, piping and trim. 

Blanket Bag

Our beautiful blanket bag helps keep your horse blankets neat and tidy. 


It features added support on the top, heavy grommets, and an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap for ease of hanging and carrying.


Made from a durable material; available in Cordura or Sunbrella® .

Stall Guards

These stall guards not only provide functionality but are also attractive.




  • Made from your choice of our durable Cordura or Sunbrella® material.

  • Adjustable.

  • Comes with four silver hardware snaps for hanging.

  • Your choice of base color, piping, and trim.

  • NEW! Padded stall guards also available.

  • Double piping available for an additional fee.


Choose your barn colors to create a consistent look throughout your stable. Add a barn logo, name, or monogram to complete the look.

Cordura $89.99

Sunbrella $104.99

Add embroidery of a name to your stall guard for only $18

Custom Trunk Cover

Stylish and Functional! Our custom cover provides protection for your trunk while showing off your personal style or promoting your business. 


Available in both a Cordura nylon or Sunbrella® material.


Perfect for Monogramming!


  • Custom made to your specific measurements.

  • Your choice of Cordura or Sunbrella® material.

  • Options include: padded top, zipper, optional handle cutouts, double piping.

  • Can be embroidered.

  • Your choice of base color, piping, and trim.

Cordura vs. Sunbrella®

At Ride Every Stride Inc. we like to provide our clients a choice in their purchase. For that reason, we offer many of our stable accessories in both a Cordura and  Sunbrella®  material.

What is the difference?

Cordura is known for its durability and strength. It was originally developed for military use. Most of our products are made with a 1000 denier Cordura Nylon, suitable to withstand normal traveling wear and tear. Denier is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments used in the creation of textiles and fabrics. A higher number means that the fabric is sturdier. However, when a material is a higher denier nylon it becomes too stiff for certain products such as stable drapes.

Many people choose Cordura for its reasonable price. It is water-repellent, fade-resistant to passive sun exposure, and mold/mildew resistant. If your horse show stable set up is always inside a barn or not in direct sunlight, then Cordura may be your choice.

Sunbrella® fabric is recommended for sun exposed products. In the manufacturing process, as each part of the fabric is made, the strands are coated to preserve their color. Sunbrella is well known for its longevity, lasting longer than many other types of fabrics. It is more expensive than Cordura, but well worth the investment if your show barn display is exposed to sun more often than not.

Sunbrella® is durable, water repellent, mold/mildew resistant, and fade-resistant.

Grooming Towels

These are a fantastic addition to your barn. Very versatile, great for grooms, and very useful for anything from polishing boots and wiping down your horse.


If you are searching for a cost effective gift for your clients while still promoting your brand, these personalized embroidered towels are perfect!


Available in navy, black, white, hunter green, maroon, tan


Price includes embroidery of a name.

Recycle your old coolers!


Add coolerettes to your stable set up as another way to display your barn colors and logo as well as the awards and classes you have won. 


This versatile pillow is a great addition to your stable set up. Available in various materials (Cordura, Sunbrella, poly/cotton, wool), colours, and sizes (16x16, 12x18).


A customized pillow with your logo or class name would make a fantastic addition to your horse show prize list.


Recycle your old coolers!

Award Pillow

Don't know what to do with your old coolers? Have too many coolers packed away but still want to show case your hard work?

Convert your coolers to Award Pillows.

Email for more information.

Lap Blanket

Keep warm those chilly days at the barn or show with our custom lap blankets.

Wool lined with a luxurious faux fur for double the warmth. Choose your base color, piping, and trim. Add a logo or monogram to complete the look. Optional eyelet and hook available for hanging or clipping on.

Size: 55"x60"

Sherpa Stadium Blanket

These versatile blankets are perfect for those cool mornings at the show. Bring comfort, style and warmth to your home with this luxurious blanket featuring a cozy fleece face that reverses to soft sherpa.


Embroider a name, logo, or monogram to customize the look. These stunning blankets make a fantastic gift idea.


  • 11-ounce, 100% polyester fleece; 12-ounce, 100% polyester sherpa.

  • Dimensions: 50" x 60".


Available in black, deep red, navy, grey, brown, and tan.

Display Table Cloth

Create a professional, uniform look to your barn set-up with a display table cloth. 

Size can be fully customized.

Features include:

  • Wide range of colors

  • Choice of nylon or Sunbrella fabric

  • Cabric is mold, mildew, and water repellent

  • Custom sizes

  • Contrast trim and piping on hem

Director Chair

With a rainbow of colours to choose from, our premium director's chairs are sure to impress! Match your barn colours and add a logo to make this a winning product for your show barn.


Available in three sizes: bar 30", counter 24", and chair height 18"

Wood Finish: White, Natural, Walnut, Black

Please email for more information.


Keep track of everything at the barn with this distinctive custom clipboard.


These are a fantastic option for horse shows.

The perfect way to stay organized at home or at the show. Whether you are looking for a simple dry erase board customized per stall or a large feed chart, we can fully customize the layout. 


Email us for more information!

Custom Clipboard

Stable Boards

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