Stable Accessories - Color Options

The colour images presented are for display reference only and may not be the true colors of the final product.

Red Trim Color

White Piping Color

Navy Base Color

The following color options are for our custom stable accessories collection:

- Bandage Loops

- Stable Drapes

- Stall Banners

- Stall Front Panels

- Stall Guards

Base Colour - Cordura Material

Base Colour - Cordura Material

Base Color - Cordura Material

Base Color - Sunbrella Material

Cordura vs. Sunbrella

At Ride Every Stride Inc. we like to provide our clients a choice in their purchase. For that reason, we offer many of our stable accessories in both a Cordura and Sunbrella material.

What is the difference?

Cordura is known for its durability and strength. It was originally developed for military use. Most of our products are made with a 1000 denier Cordura Nylon, suitable to withstand normal traveling wear and tear. Denier is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments used in the creation of textiles and fabrics. A higher number means that the fabric is sturdier. However, when a material is a higher denier nylon it becomes too stiff for certain products such as stable drapes.

Many people choose Cordura for its reasonable price. It is water-repellent, fade-resistant to passive sun exposure, and mold/mildew resistant. If your horse show stable set up is always inside a barn or not in direct sunlight, then Cordura may be your choice.

Sunbrella fabric is recommended for sun exposed products. In the manufacturing process, as each part of the fabric is made, the strands are coated to preserve their color. Sunbrella is well known for its longevity, lasting longer than many other types of fabrics. It is more expensive than Cordura, but well worth the investment if your show barn display is exposed to sun more often than not.

Sunbrella is durable, water repellent, mold/mildew resistant, and fade-resistant.

Trim Color Options

Piping Options

Please contact us if you do not see the color you are looking for.

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