Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide 101

Don't let the perfect equestrian gift elude you. Whether it's your stables secret Santa, trainer or best horse-loving friend, here are some ideas for the fellow equestrian on your list. No matter who you're shopping for, we've got the perfect gift.

Gift ideas for under $50

Custom Designer Stocking - Meant for the wall, but not in the stall these lux designer stockings have been a huge hit! They are handcrafted from high quality fabrics that will show off your style, not to mention, make your horse or pony the talk of the town! Stuff'em with peppermint patties, carrots, apples or treats and we're sure they will bring much love and affection.

Grey Horse Candles - Available in a variety of scents, each wrapped in a luxurious candle wick. The wick is specially engineered to burn for up to eight hours. The candle wax is soy-based and non-toxic and gives off a subtle scent for hours. This is the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

Vermont Pom Toque - The perfect winter accessory for the crisp winter months. With a warm knit design, this pom toque will keep friends and family toasty and looking their best! Hang on a sec, if you're giving one, why not give it a shot yourself! Available in black, navy and charcoal, you don't have to be matchy, matchy unless you want too of course.

Hearth Scarf - A scarf is just a scarf unless its created just for you. This Hearth scarf is a gift giving favorite since it can be branded with a monogram, logo or special design for those two-legged friends. Made of 100% acrylic that is soft and durable, it's available in an array of beautiful colours. Top it off with the right price and you've got a perfect gift on your hands!

Wellington Water Bottle - A simple yet functional water bottle that once branded will make it an instant fave. This bottles sleek design and large capacity makes it the perfect gift that will not only impress your gift recipient but make mother nature smile too.

Custom Wine Glasses - "If you bring the wine, we'll bring the glasses", said everyone, always! Whether your gifting, or simply bringing the glasses to an event, branding them with existing markers is the way to go and the best part is you get to let your creativity shine! these are so perfect in so many ways but sell out quick so pick, pick, pick!

Bamboo Coaster Set - Planning on entertaining this holiday season, or are you trying to give a gift to the consummate entertainer? Well, these coasters are the perfect solution. Designed to fit all styles and settings, they are fit for any occasion, and we can brand them with a custom design where you can let your imagination run wild!

Stirrup Covers - When no stirrup November rolls around, we think it's best to pack up your stirrups with these beautiful stirrup covers. Designed to protect your stirrups from scratches, these anti-pill covers can be customized to fit specific stirrup styles and can be used the whole year through.

Now for those of you that maybe want to spend a little more, or double up with an under $50 gift to create a custom gift package, read on to discover some great ideas that might work for you!

Gift ideas for under $100

Stall Guard -  Does your four-legged friend prefer to hang his head out and act like a wall flower? If this is the case, then a stall guard will make them the happiest horse around. These attractive and functional door guards are designed with a purpose, but more importantly to help keep your horses happy. Give a gift to your horse, or to someone that needs one for theirs.

Premiere Brush Set - Self-care is important, but hoof and hair care is too! This premium brush set is uber popular because it has all the things. It includes a Dandy Brush, Body Brush and Face Brush that will outperform your greatest expectations. Think of how Susie Lou's face will light up when she sees her very own personalized set under the tree this year.

Essential Ring Tote - We have one word for you... ORGANIZE! A grooming box is key for the horse shows and a must have for the stable as well. This lightweight and durable grooming box is all the range and really beautiful to boot. You can pair this with a premium brush set and have a great gift done in one fell swoop. Engravable directly on the box, this makes for a unique gift that everyone will love.

Custom Pillows - These are the perfect way to add personality to a tack room or home. Custom made by us but designed by you they are a crowd pleaser every time. Start by choosing your base colour in either wool or Sunbrella fabric. Add some piping and maybe some trim, then throw on a monogram or logo for a truly unique and personalized gift to your favorite horse person.

Mesh Storage Bag - These mesh bags are the perfect solution and make it easy to organize and transport your horses supplies. Made from heavy duty mesh fabric, this hangable bag can help dry and/or air things out. Boots and polos you ask? We say yes, yes, yes! Add this to a fully customizable line up of items and you've got a great gift on your hands.

Everyday Bag - A functional everyday bag that can be personalized with a custom monogram or logo. These are great for the horse lover that needs a simple, functional bag to carry their grooming tools around town. Made from durable Cordura or Sunbrella, they are a great gift for any horse owner!

Unbridled Elegance Throw - Oh no we didn't, but ah yes, we did! Add extra texture to your decor and turn your room into an inviting space with this simple yet elegant throw blanket. Made from 100% acrylic, it is light weight yet so warm. Perfect for those cooler days at horse shows or when snuggling up at home, who wouldn't want a soft, snuggly, personalized throw!

Gifts Under $200

Luxe Wool Exercise Sheet - We love horses as much as you and want the best for every horse in the world. For those that live in colder climates like the great white north, we suggest this luxurious Melton wool exercise sheet that quickly wicks moisture away to keep a horses hindquarters dry and warm while working. Lined options are available for added warmth, in fact - that's the version we sent to Santa for his reindeer to sport on Christmas Eve.

Stable Accessories Valance - If your'e looking for a gift that will be a real statement, a Valance is the gift idea for you. Often very personal, valences are usually the main signage affixed to the top of stall drapes in a sit stall on the horse show scene. They can be branded with names, logos and locations to highlight a successful business.

Director Chair - Whether you are a traditionalist or have a new age flair to decoration, this item fits the bill for both. Simply put, its is timeless. With a rainbow of colours to choose from, these director's chairs are sure to impress!

Saddle Pad Bag - Are you a horse parent and sick of trying to keep track of these things? Or how about a show-er that just needs to keep saddle pads clean and separate? Well this handy carrier is the transportation solutions that you've been seeking. Cordura and mesh join up to create a perfect fit for saddle pads and all their transportation needs. Add a couple of carrying handles and a shoulder strap and the people will love these too.

The Ultimate Equestrian Grooming Kit - Just in case you are looking for a step up from the Essential Ring Tote or Premium Brush Set, this kit includes it all! A premium handmade grooming tote stuffed with a body brush, Dandy brush, Face brush, Hoof pick, and Scissors. It's a one stop shop of grooming essentials.

Looking for a 'group buy'? Try these:

Farm Sign - Every farm needs a sign. Well if we are being totally honest here, every business, large or small needs a great sign. We take pride in making signs that perform beyond the call of duty and will add a lavish touch to every business that has one. Made from aluminum composite and designed for long term, outdoor use these signs are fully customizable, weather resistant, high quality and professional in appearance. They are double sided and will not warp or lose their shape and are a perfect, highly sought after gift for any farm or business owner.

FEI Panel - Team Ride Every Stride understands the importance of marketing, branding and rather than fitting in, standing out from the crowd. Euro and FEI Panels are really a stunning gift for any equestrian athlete or trainer to receive. Not only offering protection from the elements for a horse, these panels add an opportunity to showcase any personal achievements, mantras and sponsors that a rider/trainer has received. These Panels can be used in conjunction with any of the Ride Every Stride Stable accessories and make a perfect "group gift" for any equestrian.


RES Castlepoint Wool Dress Sheet - it's not booji, it's bourgeois! This is luxe at its finest. A plaid dress sheet is made from carefully selected light weight wool, with attention to detail in its crafting. The richness of the fabric is sure to make a statement at the ring and once unwrapped.

For more information on these and additional items check out our Gift Guide or contact us at info@rideeverystride.com and our team is always happy to help. Don't forget to shop early to avoid the holiday rush and any possibly delays in having your customized gift delivered directly to you on time.  If you absolutely can't decide on the perfect gift to get for your family or friends, there's always the Gift card option that will let them select what they like and we are happy to get you one of those too!

Happy Shopping!

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